What you need to create custom content for Tamagotchi P’s :

General information 

If you open the Software IDMakeDL 2 (credits to Binary) and create a new projet, the program will tell you how many images you need and which sizes they should be. 

  • The easiest thing to make – and to start with – are wallpapers. Then you can try making accessories or toys. Clothes require A LOT of pictures. 

I work with ASEPRITE and PHOTOSHOP so I will describe the process with these software, but anything I do, you should be able to do it with different softwares. 

Making a wallpaper 

In your Pixel art software

  • Create a 128 x 72 px image in your Pixel art software. 
  • Limit of colors : 15 colors. The 16th color is used for the 1st pixel and is the color for “transparency”
  • Save the image as png 

In Photoshop (or GIMP)

– Image mode > Indexed colors

– Select “exact” then right away select “other” and switch the colors for the “transparent” color to come first : double click on the first cell, copy the color code and change with your “transparent” color code, then put the code of the color you just removed instead of the transparent color

Then right away : 

– Save your image as BMP in 4 bits – you might have to save as 8 BMP first then change color mode to RVB, switch again to “indexed colors” and save again to BMP to be able to save in 4 bits

With iDmakeDL2 : create new living room for P’s

1 – click on the black area and load your bmp file

2 – change the serial number, if you have two files with the same serial number they will replace each other so keep track of them 

3 – fill in the characteristics

4 – in the white area, click on grab – it will copy your image, otherwise you can load a jpg file

Then click on the area “your file name” and save your file as a .JPG 

You need to upload your file to a compatible phone to send it through IRDA (infrared). I bought mine on Fuzzy’n chic store !

Tip: IRDA (Infrared) only work in a low lights! It took me some time to figure out that if the lights are too bright, it won’t work. So I usually do this under a table, or turn the lights off and close the shutters.

Making accessories or clothes

Making accessories or clothes is much more complex as it requires many images. My advice is to use existing files and modify them to create your own design. Once again, Fuzzy-n-chic did an incredible job to gather many ressources here.

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