There is a wonderful community of Tamagotchi lovers online, so I wanted to share with you places to shop or artists I like!

Buying Tamagotchis

JYW TMGC STORE: they sell both new and vintage Tamagotchi, as well as other digital pets (like Summiko Gurashi)

Amazon JP: you can easily order from Amazon Japan! You can display the website in english

Tamagotchi apps

MyMeets: upload contents to your Tamagotchi On and Meet, create custom content with MyMeets Studio! (requires a computer with Bluetooth)

IDMakeDLv2 from Binary, hosted on MrBlinky’s server: to upload content for IDl and P’s (requires a smartphone with Infrared, check in the shop section)

Tamagotchi 4U Custom Upload from MrBlinky: to upload content for your 4U (requires a phone with the 4U app)

Shop for your Tamagotchi

Fuzzy-n-chic: NFC/Infrared phones compatible with Tamagotchi P’s, IDl and 4U – also sells Tamagotchi covers, Tamagotchi pouches (that they designed!) and other cute things

Mawuczi shop: charms, stickers, cards… this artist makes adorable stuff and I just want to buy everything

MaoMaoGalaxie also sells super cute things

JYW TMGC STORE: they also sell Tamagotchi screen protections

Tamagotchi downloads (wallpapers, items,etc…)

Bulleblue (that’s me ! šŸ™‚ )

Aprincessofmars (check links in IG bios for Dropbox and Webmeets links)

Mao Mao Galaxie





Custom content guides

Aprincessofmars: guide to make your own location for Meets/On

Bulleblue: custom items for P’s

Bulleblue: create pixel art for Meets and On


Bolster’s MyMeet program (don’t forget to support!)

Mr Blinky tools: Tama image editor etc (don’t forget to support!)


Tamagotchi subreddit

Tamagotchi Collectors Discord

Tamagotchi Collectors Facebook Group

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